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Installation with mixed media “Return to my sleeping wall” is a solo show by Lena Lapschina at the KKKC in the context of the Artist-in- residence reprogramme cycle “One Hour Local Time”. 

“Return to my sleeping wall” is a vision of connecting different points, an indirect tool to discover the artistic environment on ones own and also maintain the viability and relevance of the changable spaces.

The installation oscillates between the topics of time and tension, loosing of weight and orientation, balance and destination.

Fasten your belts or else we can’t start!

The installation is open 07 10 2015 – 31 10 2015.

Lena Lapschina (Russia / Austria) is taking part in Artists-in-residence program, she will stay in Klaipeda 2015 10 01–30.

Lena Lapschina (Russian, born 1965) currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria. She received an Mag. art and Ph.D. from the State Stroganow University of Fine and Applied Arts. She is co-founder of “State of the Art” magazine and is curator for M21. Her many awards include an Austrian state grant for video and media art (2011).


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