Johanna Binder (AT) and Antonin Giroud-Delorme (FR) „March Hare“

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Installation with mixed media, projection, 2015

Originating in an examination of the curatorial guideline ,one hour local time‘ the artists propose an alternating, human scaled tool for the experience of time. Opposing two different models of a steady and a irregular, subjective notion of time the viewer is invited to actively fuse the two poles according to his individual spatiotemporal space. Contrary to the requestement of a functional organization of time in society the artists suggest the participation in a fortification of a proper perception of movement in a lapse of time. The materials of the installation thereby reveal their temporal progress in a constant transformation of their physical appearance as a record of while.

You are invited to turn the object.

Johanna Binder (Austria) is taking part in Artists-in-residence program, she will stay in Klaipeda 2015 07 01–24.

Johanna Binder (b. 1985) graduated from Fine Arts, Prof. Ursula Hübner, Kunstuniversität Linz in 2007 and Fine Arts, Prof.Christian Attersee, Universität für angewandte Kunst, Vienna in 2009. She is taking part in exhibitions since 2009.

Artist’s statement

My work is based on an investigation about painting, it´s formalist characteristics and a quest for its constitution.

Because I consider painting as flat and object-like coevally I simultaneously operate with pictorial just as with sculptural methods.

Due to the objectness of painting, which is imposed by the image-carrier, in my consideration painting is not divided from sculpture but a specific kind of it, with it´s own microcosmic rules and properties that cannot be mixed with the general attributes of sculpting. The fundamental shaping element of painting is consituted by the image carrier that determines as a boundary the act of painting itself, which is dependend on a plain. Although they mutually depend on each other both poles, the flatness and objectness need to be perceived as equal parts without intermixing: sculptural representations on the plain destruct it´s flatness in the perception of the contemplator and deflect his attention from the natural shape of a painting which is imposed by the object-like image carrier.

Therefore I consider it as my responsibility to thoroughly reflect about the constitution of the medium in order to practice and communicate painting as what it is.

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