Since 1st April runs an exhibition “Sound around the market” by Indra Riše (Latvia) at KCCC Exhibition hall (Didžioji Vandens str. 2).

Composer Indra Riše spent 2 weeks at KCCC residency. “The first place I visited in Klaipeda, was central market, and I was not disappointed also at this time –  there were trading ladies and men with their own staff, like different herb tee, eggs, just flower birch twigs, honey, meet, milk production etc. My heart melted, when I heard, how old lady were explaining to other lady, what herb is recommended for what disease. It sounded, like she would say some magic spells. From this conversation I could feel people’s vitality, caring for each other kindness and goodness. Believe me or not, but this is a main reason, why I like to visit markets – I go there to listen nation’s soul…” – says I. Riše. That’s why her project axis – old market place.

Indra Riše (b. 1961) have graduated from J. Vitols Latvian State Conservatory as pianist (prof. M. Švinka) in 1985 and as composer (prof. P. Plakidis) in 1990. In 1993 I. Riše won the scholarship of the Danish Ministry of Culture and went to Copenhagen, where she continued her studies in composition with Niels Rosing-Schow, and electro-acoustic composition with Ivar Frounberg. Thus she was first lady in Denmark who mastered a full course in composition. 

An essential role in her education was played also by: the Summer Workshop in new Technologies for Music Performance and Composition, University of California, Berkeley (1995), IRCAM Summer Academy in Paris (1999), International Composer’s Center, Visby, Gotland (2004, 2007), and opera Academy, Oslo (2001).

I. Riše stayed in Denmark until 2002, composing commissioned works and periodically working as a music copyist and arranger for various orchestras for the Copenhagen Royal Opera, the Samfundet sheet music publisher, and the Danish Radio. I. Riše has written also piano scores from dramatic ‒ musical works by Danish composers (Ib Nørholm, Erik Norby).

Since 2002, Indra Riše has been living in Latvia and is active as a composer, revealing her locally and internationally polished talent in a comprehensive variety of genres, from songs for choirs, chamber music and electronic works to symphonic and vocal-symphonic scores. Indra Riše has three dedicated CDs (released in1998, 2000 and 2013) and several CDs with her music among the works by other composers.

The compositions by Indra Riše have been played at festivals and concerts in Baltic States, Scandinavian countries, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia and elsewhere. Since 2006‒2013 Indra Riše was the leader of Latvian ISCM (International Society of Contemporary Music) section having active position promoting latvian music internationaly.

In 2015, the objective of KKKC international art residency “Travel Agency–2015” is site marketing. During the residency, the artists would use their research strategy to shape a plan for artistic action that will serve as a base for presentation of one location in Klaipėda city. In this manner, these locations become memorable, popular, representative, and attractive, while the city-dwellers and guests can use them to spend one hour in reflection and self-perception. KKKC proposes the artists in residence, by employing their creative strategies, to reflect Klaipeda city and carry out “route accounting”, so that the residency activities similize with those of a cultural travel agency.

the residency theme “One Hour Local Time” is to become an indirect tool for community building, when community members can participate in building the artistic environment on their own and also maintain the viability and relevance of the new space, modify it according to their needs, in this way fostering culture and encouraging the development of community spirit, as well as cultural and social innovation in different areas of Klaipėda. 

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