International internship in Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre

The art today crosses any autonomy limits of its stylistic, genre, as well as social, cultural areas, that‘s why artists search for new means of collaboration with the society. Their artistic practices are more often based on involving the society, its stimulation to show interest in the reasons of artistic objects‘ way of creation and realisation that the process is none the less important than the final result itself. In the contemporary art forms of artistic and creative expression are getting more and more related to science, economy, ecology and technologies.

The topic of Internship of the year 2017 – „The context of art transformation“. The goal of the creators taking part in the Internship program is to create conditions for the society to compare and creatively assess any different possible views of the surrounding social and cultural environment. „The context of art transformation“ must become an indirect tool of change in the community‘s social skills, while the community members themselves will have the possibility not only to take part in the artistic process, but also to actualize new social problems, solve them, in this way promoting sense of community and cultural and social transformations.

Internship program offered to applicants:
The Internship participant has to arrange a creative activity, lecture, performance, visualisation open to the society, combining theoretical and practical knowledge. 400 euro scholarship, accomodation and a workshop are provided for implementation of this program. Duration of the Internship– up to 30 days.

Who can apply:
The program is oriented towards creators from Lithuania‘s various areas and foreign countries, without limitation of the participants‘ age. Those, who are willing to apply, are invited to fill in the application form, CV and works portfolio (in pdf format) and send it by e-mail:

Contact person: 
Inga Norkūnienė/Artists-in-residency curator 
+370 618 145 06