Antje Feger / Benjamin F. Stumpf “Patterns of Rotation”

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Based on research about places around Klaipeda and the Curonian Spit Antje Feger and Benjamin F. Stumpf investigated in the Baltic history and regional myths. In their mixed media installation “Patterns of Rotation” at the KKKC they combine different historical and scientific elements, e.g. images of the Richard Klebs collection known as Juodkranté’s Treasure, samples of the sound of the Sun and a pendulum referring to Léon Foucault’s experiment demonstrating the rotation of the Earth.

 Antje Feger and Benjamin F. Stumpf are currently artists in residency at the KKKC.

Antje Feger and Benjamin Florian Stumpf (Germany) are taking part in Artists-in-residence program, they will stay in Klaipeda 2015 04 15–05 03.  Antje Feger (b. 1977) and Benjamin Florian Stumpf (b. 1976) are working together, that take part in exhibitions since 2005. Artists live and work in Hamburg, Germany.

Artists’ statement

“In our work we engage in moments of daily life and the mental condition of society. Our interest in social questions and mysterious narration becomes tangible as a moment between one’s own past and a collective state. As artists we examine spaces and places and combine different aspects and material from previous research (sound, photography and video). The documents and observations are mostly rearranged in installations.“

We understand the role of an artist as researcher, catalyser within society and mediator for social structures. As artists  we want to initiate a temporary, artistic, social space for discussion and interactions. The curatorial vision includes the option of integrating vital space-oriented artistic concepts and developments of the current works.

Topics like the definition of private and public space, urbanization and social issues are part of our engagement.